Have you heard of 18.21 Man Made?

Have you heard DeRiah Boutique Salon carries 18.21 Man Made grooming products for men? This brand is truly dedicated to helping men achieve their best style with high-quality ingredients and effective formulas. It also makes for great gifts (think Valentine’s Day!)!
Check them out…
We are 18.21 Man Made. We exclusively support the Society of Men with meticulously crafted premium grooming provisions. We encourage you to Spoil Him with an uncommon grooming experience which, features the opulent essences of Tobacco & Vanilla. We have envisioned and prepared each unique mixture in our reserve to perform multiple functions to maximize value. We implore you to look beyond the results of the traditional men’s grooming experience and we invite you to discover this new opportunity for yourself.

Don’t take any wooden nickels.
Choose 18.21 Man Made.
To pick up your 18.21 Man Made products, visit DeRiah’s Mequon salon today!

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