Oribe Blog Feature: Curls Gone Wild

Our stylists at DeRiah love keeping up with the latest from our favorite product lines. Knowing how the masters use the exceptional products we carry in our own Mequon salon helps us better embrace the versatility of each brand. 

We were especially inspired by this blog feature by our friends at Oribe…check it out!

Curls Gone Wild

To honor the women who wear it wavy, textured and spiraled, we talked to Oribe Director of Training & Content Kien Hoang to get the inside scoop on the curl craze.

What do you love about curls?
Curls define the individuality and the natural beauty of a person. Everything is so manufactured these days, but the culture of the curl is to celebrate your own personality.

Why do you think so many curly haired people straighten their curls?
It’s easy to go one route and use a flat iron to deflate the natural curl. The world portrays and pushes you in the direction of one thing, which makes it easier to be uncomfortable in your own skin if you’re unique. My take is that different types of textures and characteristics are much more interesting. 

Which current celebrities are embracing their texture in a big way?
Beyonce and Rihanna. I love when Beyonce embraces her natural texture, and I’m really into the way Rihanna is wearing a curly bang—it feels organic in a more unstructured rock ‘n roll way. Take a look at Mica Argañaraz who did the recent campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. She is the master of the natural wave/curl. I think she started the curly shag trend, which is really modern and beautiful.  

Natural texture, waves and curls have made a big comeback on the Fashion Week runways and in top editorials over the past few years. How do you educate your clients to embrance their curls?
As a stylist behind the chair, you have to educate the client in order to make it easy for him or her to restructure their curl pattern using hand drying and diffusing techniques. These techniques will form a polished, naturalness so that it’s comfortable to wear all day. Curls are definitely harder to style and harder to handle, so you need  eduction and the right product to form the desired texture.

Who has the most iconic curls in history?
It’s a tie between Diana Ross and Sarah Jessica Parker.

What are some tips for achieving beautiful curls?
When you’re in the shower, be sure not to rough up with cuticle while you’re washing. Rinse the hair “down” instead of “back.” When you get out of the shower, refrain from mussing your curls with a towel. Instead, lean over and squeeze the water out so that your holding the curl in place. Rough drying with a towel creates frizz, and we don’t want frizz. For curly hair, it is so important to allow hair to comletely dry before going in and pulling out the curl.  

Do you have a secret Moisture & Control concoction for enviable curls?
The first step is always to wash as described above. Use Shampoo for Moisture & Control at the roots and Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control from mid-shaft to ends every three-to-four days. Leave both on for five-to-ten minutes and rinse. Next decide what type of curl you desire. The product used will change depending on this. 

To create bounce: Wash and apply Curl Shaping Mousse in sections. Wait for hair to dry complettely before pulling out curls. 
To create softness and body: Wash and apply Curl Control Silkening Crème from roots to ends. For hair that is straigher on the top, add some Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold in at the roots. 
To create separation: Wash and apply Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb and use fingers to re-shape the curl. For added separation diffuse. 
For hair that is naturally hydrated: Wash with Cleansing Crème for Moisture & Control and apply Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold. 

Always let the curl dry without fussing or scrunching. For a polished look, wait until the hair is dry then go in a define curls with a curling iron. For tight curls, match the width of the iron to your curl size, wind the curls around and spritz with Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray. For a looser curl, spray with Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray at the finish and use Fiber Groom at the end to expland curls.  

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