Supercharge your Hair!

De Riah is super excited for the newest addition to the Oribe line…Oribe Power Drops!
These highly-concentrated hair serums are personalized to your specific hair needs…

Color & UV Protection
Color Preservation Booster 2% Vitamin C Complex
Formulated with vitamin C, bioflavonoids and quinoa protein, just a few drops of this powerful elixir preserve and protects every shade. Give your hair a high dose of antioxidants and amino acids to shield your hair from UV rays while enhancing your color retention. 
Repair & Restoration
Damage Repair Booster 2% Linoleic Acid
This serum is made to rebuild and restore dry, damaged, time-weakened hair. Formulated with linoleic acid, biotin, and sea kelp extract, just a few drops of this powerful elixir repairs and fortifies strands.

Hydration & Environmental Protection
Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster 2% Hyaluronic Acid Complex
An intense dose of deep hydrations helps defend your hair against environmental pollution while delivering powerful protection and profound conditioning. It also enhances softness while restoring manageability. 

All power drips can be added to your current hair routine and be paired with other Oribe products. Call DeRiah Boutique Salon in Mequon today to see which elixir fits best for your hair needs!

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